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About Us

We all carpool


The desire to launch the project was born when we noticed that there were no serious means in Portugal to easily find people with who we could carpool.
The focus of our start-up is simple: we want to develop this transportation way because we believe that car sharing is a great way to get around, beneficial to people, the community and the environment. (See what the press says - in portuguese - about the project.)
That is why we aim to develop carpooling not only on long and occasional routes but also on short and more regular journeys, providing technical, communication and consultancy services to entities (in particular "home-work" journeys via our service Empresas à Boleia).
Our team: dynamic, serious and focused
All members of the team have experience sharing car (in other countries too): we are proud to be part of a project that helps people, businesses and the environment.
This fact keeps our motivation high every day to increase the size of the community:
  1. offering an easy-to-use platform
  2. thinking about new original ideas to allow (new) car-sharing fans to meet.



If you also believe that this project is good / useful and you want to help this community to grow, please feel free to contact us!
The team (Lindoweb Lda)

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Our service in the news - SIC TV channel

Frequently asked questions


  • ferramenta
    Nuno Barbosa
    Head of IT Engagement at Nokia Portugal

    "The Alfragide area has a great potential for carpooling and several colleagues have shown interest in sharing cars to commute."

  • ferramenta
    Marco P.
    Nokia Portugal employee

    "It would be impossible to do my home-work trip alone on a daily basis. I save approximately 260 euros / month by carpooling."

    See the full Marco interview (in portuguese).